By John H. Foote

Consider this a review of the staff of this website.

2020 has been a rough year on us here at Foote and Friends on Film, but it speaks to our strength together we got through it as a team, supporting each other when needed.

Though the site bears my name, we each have an equal share in keeping it moving. We are all responsible for our success, for being taken as seriously as we are. Without our group, our quartet, there is no site.

To each of you I say thank you. If I do not say it enough, shame on me, but believe me I more than understand what you bring to this project of ours. Never for a second do not think I am not aware of your efforts and the time you give to this adventure. I know and appreciate you all.

Nick Maylor created our podcasts, and though Nick died in September, we hope to continue what he started in 2021. You are missed Nick, more than you know old friend. You brought so much to the site when we started up, with your rabid love of superhero films, and those podcasts. You lived and breathed the site, and I am forever grateful.

Marie-Renee Goulet – You have been a welcome breath of fresh air to us, bringing that all important strong femininity to your work, seeing things slightly different than we men. Your writing is concise, hits the points and you bring a fearlessness in going off the mainstream film charts. Thoughtful always, with a recognition as to what is essential in making a film, you bring that fair minded awareness to your writing. A most welcome addition. I look forward to each new article.

Craig Leask – You are most ferocious researcher I have ever encountered. Your pieces might take you longer than the rest of us but only because you agonize over every word, each sentence. Your love of your subject shines through in each new article, which offers an immaculate, accurate celebration of film, an actor, design, genre, any subject you explore. The least experienced of us when we started you have developed into a fine, respected and solid critic, a vital and exciting part of the team. A new voice in criticism and a welcome one.

Alan Hurst – My cousin, my friend, my right arm in this adventure. Only Craig and I know and understand your staggering contribution to the site. From your own perfectly researched pieces about the Golden Age of Hollywood, which you keep alive and fresh in each new piece, to the love you have for the actors and actresses of the years spanning 1935-1970 and the careful eye with which you review each new film, you are the beating heart of the site. You post everything, proof everything, and offer editorial advice when one of us (usually me) has gone too far in exploring our subject. Alan, you are the conscience of the site, and have unselfishly permitted me to write. Without you my cousin, there is no site. You are invaluable. Through this difficult year more than once you have been there while I raged and vented, offering levelheaded advice each time. In this adventure you are my right arm, and I say it again, the heart of the site.

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