By John H. Foote

Sam Mendes superb war epic 1917 won the Producers Guild of America Award (PGA) Saturday night furthering its chances of winning the Academy Award as Best Picture.

No one paid attention last year when Green Book won the same award and went on to a shocking Oscar win, though no one should have been surprised as the PGA and Best Picture award often matches.

Though The Irishman seemed like the odds on favourite Best Picture winner, it seems the Netflix backlash is still in effect and no one in Hollywood wants a streaming company to have a Best Picture award winner. That feels like a terrible slap in the face to Martin Scorsese, perhaps the greatest living director, who did arguably his finest work with the film.

1917 explores the First World War, something rarely used as a film narrative and superbly brings the conflict to the screen in all its grim reality.

The Mendes film bests The Irishman, Parasite, Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood and Jo Jo Rabbit, all major Oscar contenders.

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