By John H. Foote

This is my last entry on the Academy Awards. Period, after this it is over, done, no more until next December. Category by category, except the shorts, here is who and what gets the Oscar if me, myself and I gave the awards.

Pure self indulgence, I do not care about campaigns, the best according to me, nothing less.

  • Best Make Up – Vice
  • Best Visual Effects – First Man
  • Best Song – The Shallows from A Star is Born
  • Best Sound – First Man
  • Best Sound Editing – First Man
  • Best Foreign Language Film – Cold War
  • Best Film Editing – First Man
  • Best Production Design – Black Panther
  • Best Animated Feature – Spider Man – Into the Spiderverse
  • Best Costumes – Black Panther
  • Best Musical Score – First Man
  • Best Cinematography – First Man
  • Best Adapted Screenplay – First Man
  • Best Original Screenplay – Green Book
  • Best Supporting Actress – Emma Stone in The Favourite
  • Best Supporting Actor – Mahershala Ali in Green Book
  • Best Actress – Glenn Close in The Wife
  • Best Actor – Viggo Mortensen in Green Book
  • Best Director – Damien Chazelle for First Man
  • Best Film – First Man

Yep, First Man wins nine, which sounds about right, Green Book wins three. Over, no more.

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