By John H. Foote

When Will Smith famously slapped Chris Rock in the face at the Academy Awards last year, he did more damage to his career than he realized at the time. Banned from attending the Oscars for ten years, banned from Academy events, and the object of public ridicule, Smith did publicly apologize to Rock and the Academy, but the damage was done.

How great a film then is Emancipation if Apple is now going to release it this fall/winter season? It must be great if they are going to risk a release. Some critics have screened the film and say it is. In fact, comments have come through saying Smith could win another Oscar for the film. That is permitted, he can be nominated, but he could not attend to pick up his award.

Films about slavery have done well with the Academy and the trailer looks impressive.

And come on, Smith is an excellent actor, if a little entitled.

OK, a lot entitled, he and his wife sat front and centre at the Academy Awards as though they were being crowned the King and Queen of Hollywood. They were not, but he did win the Oscar for his powerful performance in King Richard (2021).

Could he win two in a row? Anything is possible but I do think it will take longer than this to see him forgiven.

That said you never know.

He is a major world box office star, and that does not get easily forgotten. Like Smith or not, he just leaped into the race for best Actor.

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