By John H. Foote


Place your brain on pause for this one, put your suspension of disbelief on high, (for as long as you can), be willing to go along with every goofy plot device, especially the narrative, and just go along for the ride. Start picking at the plot, you might never stop, so again, do not think about this movie AT ALL … just go along for the ride. Seriously, because if for one second you think about the going on in this film, it will crash and burn around you.

Garrett (Chloë Grace Moretz) boards a plane in 1943, carrying a package with high priority orders from the superiors of the plane crew. Challenged by the crew, she is placed in a tiny bubble under the plane where the guns are.

It is there things begin to unravel, and to say much will ruin the film for you. Suffice to say there are dark surprises waiting for audience and the crew. To say much will not allow you to enjoy, as much as you can the film.

True Garrett is not what or who she seems, and among the things she may encounter are crew who see her as merely sexual, attacking Japanese planes, gremlins tearing the plane apart, marital troubles, nothing being as it seems.

Moretz has grown into a formidable actress, capable of carrying a film on her shoulders for hours at a time. This is a long way from Kick Ass (2010).

Messy but fun, that is, while it lasts.

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