By John H. Foote

All short awards are announced and given two weeks earlier at the technical and special awards ceremony. Eliminate production numbers, make the night about the awards, Lean it down. No witty banter, nothing written, these are actors and directors presenting, let them improvise.


House lights to black…fanfare music…

On giant screen, 2018 appears. This is followed by a compilation of scenes from the best films of the year, every nominee is represented. 8:00 minutes

Award for Supporting Actor .. 5 minutes

Award for Supporting Actress .. 5 minutes

Award for Sound…5 minutes

Award for Sound Editing…5 minutes

Award for Film Editing…5 minutes

Compilation of Nominated Songs…8 minutes…no live performances, portions of songs play over clips of film on giant screen.

Award for Best Song…5 minutes

Award for Costume Design…5 minutes

Award for Animated Feature…5 minutes

Award for Documentary Feature…5 minutes

Award for Foreign Language Film…5 minutes

Requiem for Those Lost…6-8 minutes

Award for Best Production Design…5 minutes

Award for Best Visual Effects…5 minutes

Award for Best Musical Score…5 minutes

Award for Best Cinematography…5 minutes

Award for Adapted Screenplay…5 minutes

Award for Original Screenplay…5 minutes

Award for Best Actor…5 minutes

Award for Best Actress…5 minutes

Award for Best Director…5 minutes

Award for Best Picture…5-8 minutes

End telecast with scenes from winning film as credits roll.

The actual reading of the nominees should take no longer than 30 seconds, Best Picture excepted, going to 45 seconds. The remainder of the five minutes will be devoted to the winner’s speech. Three and a half minutes is a lot of time, most will do less.

That is around 120 minutes actual time, some speeches will be shorter than others, some longer. The play-off music should begin at six minutes.

The only ads permitted are trailers of upcoming releases so the industry is paying for the telecast.

Rather than a meandering telecast fraught with commercials, we have a lean, fast-paced, hostless ceremony all about the awards.

ABC should hire me as producer tomorrow. Their Oscar telecast would not exceed two and a half hours and be free of terrible dance and production numbers.

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