By Nick Maylor

While Marvel Studios has been incredibly secretive about when they will drop the first teaser for the yet untitled fourth Avengers film, we just got served a piping-hot dish of superhero sauce with this action-packed look at Captain Marvel (2019)

In the trailer, we see Carol Danvers’ flashbacks to her life on Earth along with a brief glance at how she lost her memory, was adopted by the Kree, and rises as a member of the Nova Corps.

We also get a good look at Samuel L. Jackson as young Nick Fury using the digital de-aging technology that is arguably seamless.

The film takes place in the 1990s and shows a massive scale battle just outside of Earth’s atmosphere during the final moments after the reveal of Captain Marvel in her Red, Blue and Gold uniform. Here, we see the full scale of her powers as she soars through the scene, omitting powerful blasts of energy at will to engage the bad guys. On the whole, the trailer looks fantastic; like something worthy of Marvel Studios’ first female-headlining film.

Can the movie match up to the Marvel Standard, or perhaps that of Wonder Woman (2017)? We will find out next year. I have high hopes. The whole thing looks like pure superhero magic.

Watch the trailer here:

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