By John H. Foote

In what looks increasingly how things will play out on Oscar night, there was were no real surprises at the Screen Actor Guild Awards last night in any of the film awards.

Laura Dern was a popular winner for her tough lawyer in Marriage Story, while Brad Pitt brought the house down with a superb acceptance speech making fun of himself when he took Best Supporting Actor for his popular role in Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood.

Renee Zellweger continues to rack up awards for her riveting performance as icon Judy Garland at the end of her career in Judy. Zellweger, away from films for a time, has made a huge comeback with this triumphant performance.

Joaquin Phoenix won Best Actor for his stunning performance in the title role of Joker. Phoenix has been burning up the awards circuit along with the Zellweger since things got rolling in December and seems poised to win the Oscar next month.

Parasite, the very popular film from South Korea, won the award for Best Ensemble, while the Lifetime Achievement Award was bestowed upon Robert De Niro.

The road to Oscar continues for all the winners.

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