By Melissa Houghton

Day Two

KEY PREMIERES: Honey Boy, Untouchable, Leaving Neverland, The Farewell, Ask Dr. Ruth, Late Night, Where’s My Roy Cohn?

WHAT’S THE BUZZ? Untouchable, Troop Zero, The Brink, The Farewell, Leaving Neverland, Native Son, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, Late Night, After the Wedding, Velvet Buzzsaw (coming to Netflix on February 1).

PERSONAL NOTES: Day One Recap – I watched Native Son with Press and Industry. I was blown away by the contemporary narrative and riveting performances. Ashton Sanders delivers an incredibly complex, intense and jaw-dropping turn as Bigger Thomas. Native Son was acquired by HBO Films. Day Two – I caught the P&I morning screening of After the Wedding and evening premiere of The Infiltrators.

Until tomorrow, M.

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